Nightlife started as early as the 1900s where Americans gathered in juke points to listen to music. Jukeboxes and pianos were some of the equipment that played music in those days. Prohibition interrupted the existence of the joint, but they resurfaced in 1933. Copacabana in New York is an example, of a club that came back to life after the appeal on the prohibition law.

In German and France, discotheques usually made nightlife fun. However, France suffered a blow when Nazis banned Bebop and Jazz music. People invented underground basements where they used to play swing music and danced to Jazz. Single turntables came in handy in playing music during those times since jukeboxes were not available.

Currently, America and Europe have developed in their nightlife. Clubs opening at night, play different music such as Techno, House music, Breakbeat, and Electronica. Their primary clientele entails young adults. The nightclubs lead in size compared to other types of clubs. They also sometimes reserve the right of admission, charge cover price, and enforce a particular dress code.

New York Clubs

New York City usually comes alive at night with several clubs opening until late at night. The city features different styles of clubbing, and people have the discretion to choose their style according to their preference. One can easily find a club in places such as 12th Street, Kemp Street, and Meserole Avenue. It means that life does not come to a stop when darkness creeps in.

Live DJs

One of the favorite features of the clubs that open until late is live DJs. These are artists who use equipment such as turntables to play pre-recorded music. They usually interact with the audience using different styles, and their performances feature laser lights, fireworks, and LED displays. DJs often select music from a huge list of songs, and the improvisation captures the attention of nightlife lovers.

While it is possible just to play recorded music in a club, live DJs add a sparkle to music. They do not just play traditional music, but it is possible for them to come up with music that people have not heard for long and still thrill their fans. Currently, DJs have evolved to video jockey, and they can stream music videos as a mixed set.

Dance floors

The climax of a nightlife full of fun is dancing. This activity depicts the appreciation of good music, and revelers usually need space on where they can dance. In clubs that open at night, there is a reserved area where music lovers can dance from without creating an inconvenience to the ones who choose just to sit and enjoy their drinks.

Electronic Music

Most clubs that operate at night prefer electronic music over live performances. One of the reasons that make the clubs play the music is the costs associated with hosting a live band or artists. Electronic music can play from different equipment, and it does not involve musical instruments with strings or hammers. This form of music is DJs electronically produced, and lovers of music can listen to it from amplified sounds.

Late Nights

Some clubs operate until dawn while some have a license to operate until a specified time of the evening. It is possible for one to find an open club at 2 or 3 a.m. It means that as long as it is dark, some nightclubs will operate until the day breaks.


Most clubs that operate at night sell alcohol. Revelers can enjoy their favorite drink that comes in different forms such as beer, liquor, cocktails, Sangria, and wine etc. served by talented bartenders. Notably, clubs do not sell alcohol to people who have not yet attained adulthood. They also do not allow that set of individuals to enter the premises. Currently, alcohol remains a common phenomenon in clubs that open at night.

People Search for Happiness
One of the reasons why clubs open until the late night is because people are always in search for happiness. Listening to music, dancing and drinking alcohol are some of the activities that people engage in at night to achieve happiness. The activities help some people to relax.

Restaurant transformation at night

Some nightclubs become restaurants during the day. This occurrence usually takes place in locations where people get busy during the days’ hours. The restaurants serve discounted food and drinks and live music during their happy hour, but they convert to clubs at night, where music and alcohol dominate.


People like being happy and nightclubs offer the best environment for relaxation and happiness. This lifestyle has existed since time in memorial. Currently, clubs are evolving at a fast rate, and they are employing multiple styles to woo music and nightlife enthusiasts.